Saturday, December 27, 2008

33 weeks!

Well we made it to 33 weeks which is beyond the average for triplets so we are pretty excited. Thought we better add some pics in case this is the last week of the pregnancy :).
Front view ..not so bad!
Side view.... pretty scary but I guess it's good Jeff can still fit in the picture with me!

Merry X-mas!

The babies aren't here yet but already got some good x-mas gifts. Kinsey is ready to help show them how to play with them!

Dec. 22nd appt

Due to the holidays we only had 1 appt this week for the non stress test. We were finally able to get all 3 babies heart rates monitored during this one appt. It did take over 2 hrs to get all of them monitored but all of them still had good heart rates and we were told they are still doing very good and moving and not showing any signs of distress. They must be enjoying their time together and not in too big of a hurry to come out yet.
We go back again next week twice for more non-stress tests but will not see my Dr. as he is out of the office so the next time we will see him will be Jan 5th and into the 34th week unless I go into labor before that time.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

almost 32 weeks!

We had the second Dr. appt of the week today and we are now just 2 days shy of the 32 week mark.
Again, the boys did fine on the non-stress test and this time baby C seemed to have the hiccups. There were some problems finding and keeping the girl's heart rate on the monitor once again. The Dr. went ahead and did the biophysical profile on the girl and she still had good breathing, movement and fluid so he said all babies are still healthy and doing well so I can remain pregnant. He said if one of them was not doing well at this point he wouldn't hesitate to deliver them all . So I guess for now it's just more resting and see how much further along we all can get. We go back for an appt on monday for the only appt next week due to the holidays so we hope to keep the babies growing through x-mas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update Dec 15th appt

Went back for non-stress test again on mon. The nurses got both monitors to work on both boys at the same time for the non stress test so I was hooked up to those for about 30 min until they got enough info on the boys and they appeared to be doing fine. Then when they tried test the girl it was harder to find her heartbeat for some reason. When they were finally able to find it her heart rate seemed real low the whole time she was being monitored. The nurses told the Dr. and he wanted to do an ultrasound on her to check things out. He scanned the girl and she was breathing and moving fine and still enough fluid around her. He said the monitor could have possibly been picking up my heart rate instead of hers and that it is just harder for them to do the non-stress tests on multiples so when they don't work they move to the ultrasound and biophysical profile each time. He checked the boys quick also even though their non stress tests were fine and all seem to still be doing good.
Dr. R said each time he sees me now he is looking to see if there is any reason he needs to put me in hospital until delivery and also if he thinks I need to be given steroid shots to help develop the babies lungs. He said he feels certain even if babies were born now they would be in good shape but that the further along we can get the better and if he thinks they are going to be born prior to 33-34 weeks it sounds like he will go ahead and do the steriod shots. For now he said just to continue to rest and we go back thurs. again for another check up.

Friday, December 12, 2008

We hit the 31 week mark!

Here are the 4 of us at 31 weeks!!
We are all still growing!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Biophysical profile Dec. 11th

Today I went back for the 2nd non-stress test of the week on the babies. After about an hour of trying to get the babies to cooperate and find their heart rates on the monitor for a reasonable amount of time the nurses decided it was not going to work today so they decided to go to plan B which is a Biophysical profile.
Dr. Ruedrich said that it is not uncommon for the non-stress tests not to work on multiple babies and when it doesn't that the next step is using the ultrasound and do what they call a biophysical profile where he looks at each baby and watches their breathing, heart rate, movement, muscle tone and amniotic fluid. The babies were all found to be in good health after monitoring each of those areas. The Dr. did have to use a buzzer type thing to wake up baby C so we could see his movement. It must have been his nap time but he did wake up and move fine after that.
Since we were already doing the ultrasound the Dr. went ahead and did measurements of the babies. Baby A: 3 lbs 12 oz (Which Dr. said is actually huge for a triplet at almost 31 weeks)
Baby B: 3 lbs 7 oz
Baby C: 3 lbs 4 oz
Dr. said all of them are good sizes and we will continue to monitor to see how much bigger they will grow and how much longer I can last. He said he wasn't going to put me in hospital bedrest yet so keeping my fingers crossed I can continue to remain at home resting until delivery.
The Dr. said they will try again at next week's appts with the non-stress tests at first and if no luck will move back to the biophysical profile on all of the babies.

Mon. Dec 8th first non-stress test.

Well this was the first week of the non-stress tests on the babies. When I arrived for the appt. I overheard the nurses talking about how long it was going to take and how hard it was going to be to do non-stress tests on triplets so I wasn't sure what to expect.
They decided since the equipment can only test 2 babies at a time to do the boys first (baby B and C) since they are positioned higher up and side by side. Well needless to say at first the boys didn't want to cooperate and kept moving away from the monitor so we couldn't get a steady reading. Then baby B had the hiccups which was kind of cute and interesting to listen too. Finally though, after the nurses found both of their heart rates and monitored them for about 20-30 min, they saw that they were both doing fine and their heart rates and and movement was good. After the boys were done it was the girl's turn (baby A) and since they were only monitoring one this time it was a lot quicker and she also got a healthy report.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Big sister Kinsey!

Kinsey is enjoying her last weeks of a quiet house.

Shoes are over-rated!

I know this isn't the most attractive pic but this is the lovely way my feet look most of these days. Needless to say my high heeled shoes that most of you know how I love to wear have been tucked away for months and will be until I have ankles again! Jeff so nicely has nick-named me big foot :)...isn't he sweet? Ha ha.

Dr. appt on Dec. 4th

Well we got some good news at the Dr. appt today. He said we have hit a really big milestone making it to this point (30 wks as of this sat). The ultrasound showed babies still all doing good, there is still plenty of fluid around each and although my bloodpressure went up some it is still average .
Starting next week I will be seen twice a week every week for non-stress tests on the babies to check their movement and heartrates and make sure each one continues to do well or else we are at the point if one is not doing so good they will deliver all of them.
We were able to get a tentative date scheduled for the C-section. If all continues to go well the babies will be delivered on Jan. 21, 2009! If we make it to that point it would be 36 wks and 4 days which is really good for triplets since the average triplets are born around 32-33 wks.
Of course for me that means over 6 wks yet of swollen feet and not being able to really move, walk or sleep much but hopefully I can hang in here as long as possible so that the babies grow as much as possible. I guess on the positive side, only sleeping a couple hours at a time is just good preparation for the future!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Picture of the nursery all ready for the kiddos!

Belly keeps growing and growing!

29 week pic. What a difference a few weeks makes!

26 week pic!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby shower pictures

Dec. 2, 2008

Well I wanted to get started creating a page and figuring this out before the triplets arrive as I'm sure we will be busy learning all kinds of new things at that time. My last Dr. appt was on Nov. 20, 2008 and I was 27 wks and 5 days along at that point. The Dr. said babies were all growing well and we were all doing good. Baby A (the girl) weighed 2 lbs 14 oz, baby B (boy) weighed 2 lbs, 7 oz and baby C (boy) was 2 lbs 6 oz. Dr. is hopeful we can schedule c-section at next appt for the 36th week.
I am now in my 29th week and go back to the Dr. this week for another appointment and hope to continue to receive good news and hopefully hang in here another 6 + weeks before the babies are born. Will post more after next appt!