Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat Times 3

It was a busy halloween week this year. We took the kids out trick or treating 3x's last week. Tues. night they visited the Kalida nursing home and got to see lots of people, Thurs. night was trick or treat in our neighborhood and sat. they went to Bryan and Edgerton to visit and trick or treat. We decided to dress Gage as Winnie the Pooh, Brea as Tigger and Brody as Eeyore this year. Their costumes seem to be a big hit and kept them nice and warm too :). The kids loved carrying their pumpkins around and it didn't take them long to catch on to what was inside the m&m's pack after we gave them a little taste they kept bringing them to us and wanting us to give them more. We actually managed to get some pretty good pictures this year and posted some below.

Happy Halloween from Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ready for fall and hoping the fall weather stays awhile!

We have been enjoying the preview of fall weather around here and it's nice to get the kids outside a little more than when it was almost too hot to be out although I'm not sure we are through with the really hot weather yet but I shouldn't complain because I'm dreading being cooped up during winter time.
Anyway, we have had a busy end of summer it seems like. We took the kids to the Ft. Wayne Children's zoo at the beginning of Aug. Grandpa and Grandma Hug were nice enough to go along and help. The kids did ok but Brody still doesn't really have the patience for outings but I think his favorite part of the day was the picnic lunch and getting to run around a little. The boys did pretty good on the pony rides but Brea was a little scared and I ended up holding her for the last half of the walk. Her favorite part of the day was the gift shop and picking up all the stuffed animals and poor Gage was so tired from the activities he fell asleep in the choo choo wagon and had to be carried out to the car still asleep.
Since the zoo we took a trip shoe shopping at stride rite for some new shoes for fall to fit their wide little feet and also had a photo shoot. I admit I was quite nervous for both of those occasions things but the kids did awesome. Although we didn't get a ton of smiles in the pictures..we did get some where all three were looking at the camera and they weren't running off which was my biggest concerns. We decided at the end of the session to try and get a family picture and I wasn't optimistic since the kids were getting tired of pictures but we got one that turned out great. So glad we took them!
Some other things the kids have been up to are going over to Grandma and Grandpa Recker's to play with them and lookat the cows and kittens, riding their golf cart, playing with Grandma and Grandpa Hug and going to their house for a cookout and to see their dog and cat, playing with the neighbor's cat that comes over to play sometimes, recent playdate with twins that are about the same age and of course wagon rides.
I have posted some of the recent pictures below.

Three little Buckeyes

Ready for 2010 football season.

Triplet and Twins playdate

We had a nice visit with some of our friends that have twin boys that are 3 months younger than our trio. It was cute to see the kids play with others so close in age. Here are a couple of pictures we took.

A few pictures from recent photo shoot

Family picture

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The elusive Choo Choo wagon

I'm sure most people don't get what the big deal is about this wagon but it's all the rage in the world of multiple parents for a couple of reasons: First it seems to be set up well for both parents and kids as it has cup holders for the kids, they each have their own separate car to ride in (which means they have their own space and it cuts down on the kicking and picking on each other) and it actually is pretty easy to pull and you can take apart the last car to fit in the vehicle. BUT maybe the bigger reason this wagon is such a big deal is the fact that they have not been making it anymore which makes the used ones in very high demand. I had been looking on ebay and Craigslist and some of the prices were pretty crazy especially if you had to include shipping. Luckily we found a mom in Delaware, Oh who was ready to part with hers and Jeff went to pick it up last weekend. Can't believe how excited I got over a wagon but the kids really seem to love it and I am hoping it will work well for us for quite some time to come when we take them out. I have posted pictures below of them crusin in the neighborhood.

Crusing choo choo style!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

18 months old....can that be possible already?

The kids turned 18th months old on July 9th. They are getting more active and busier each day. They are all now constantly saying dog, mama, dada and their favorite lately is to keep repeating yeah (all day long) . Other than than that they are trying to say a few words but they are harder to understand and of course they babble constantly especially Brea.
A couple of their favorite things to do right now is dance, run and stomp in their shoes, play with pots and pans, pet the dog, chase the dog with their pushing toys (which we are trying to break them from...sorry Kinsey) and Gage has been really wanting to feed the dog lately. They really like for us to chase them around too and Brody is the most brave when it comes to getting close to the sprinklers. We have spent lots of time outside in the pools and sprinklers, playing with the water table and sidewalk chalk. They also really like to play with their crazy coupe cars in the garage and play in the basement for changes of scenery. We have been attempting to try to get them to eat with spoons but so far they haven't fully gotten the hang of it but they do like to try or play with them at least. Brea seems to like to pretend she is getting food off of it and eating even though she doesn't have any on it by the time it gets up to her mouth.
Well I can't believe it's the middle of July already but we have been having a fun summer and hopefully will take them to the zoo sometime soon so I'll be sure to post pictures of that when we do. I have posted some pictures below from July and the kids in their red, white and blue.

July pictures: Happy 4th from 3 little firecrackers!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun in the crazy coupes and hanging with mommy!

Happy Father's Day!

Had to post a couple pictures of Jeff in his new Father's day t-shirt along with the kids.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Officially Putnam county kids now

We have been staying in our new house now for a little over a week already. The move went pretty smoothly thanks to all the help from family and friends. Needless to say we still have lots of boxes in the basement to still go through and unpack but the necessities are put away for now. The kids have been adjusting well to their new house and of course finding all kinds of things to get into and enjoying having more room to run around. The neighborhood seems very friendly and of course we kind of stick out with the big stroller going down the streets. We are anxiously awaiting our fence to come in so the guys can put it in so I can contain the kids in the yard a little easier during the day when I am home with them. Also Kinsey (our dog) has been staying with my parents since the move since we don't have the fence yet so once it is in we will have the whole family back together. I have posted some pictures below of the kids enjoying the warm weather this weekend. They love their pools and the new water table. Well keeping this short for now as I still have some things to get done before nap time is over :).

New house, neighborhood and backyard fun!