Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recent discoveries

We have been keeping busy this summer. The kids have had 2 trips to the zoo now one with Grandpa and Grandma Recker coming along and the other with Grandma and Grandpa Hug coming along. They did well both trips and it was nice to have the extra help. We even managed to take them on the merry go round since we had enough people to hold them on the horses. They all seemed to enjoy it but Brody perhaps the most. He would open his mouth and get excited everytime the horse would go up. It was very cute.
The kids are getting more and more active and stronger by the day. It's amazing how fast they change and learn new things. They all are really grabbing for things, watching each other and laughing at things.
Brody is the first one to cut a tooth about 2 weeks ago. He is also getting a little better about playing in the exersaucer and not screaming to be held everytime I put him in there.which makes the days a little easier. He really is starting to watch the other two and laugh and babble to them also. He still is constantly moving when you try and hold him and when I try to sit him down he moves his legs and falls back. He is our little wiggle worm. We weighed him last night and it looks as though he is up to 17.8 lbs.
Gage is still very laid back. He will go to anyone and will pretty much just chill out on their laps as long as they want to hold him. He loves his jumperoo and even moves backward on his belly but still doesn't seem to care about rolling over. He also loves to kick his legs in his baths and in the baby pool and splash around. He just loves for people to talk to him and he smiles and giggles all the time. He also discovered new sounds he can make and does them quite often. He may be our little class clown. He is starting to sit up pretty good and is still growing and up to about 21 lbs now.
Brea is becoming quite the animal lover. She loves to watch dogs and laugh. She gets really excited especially when they move or look right at her. She is still the most shy when it comes to people she doesn't know and takes a little bit to warm up. She is constantly using her feet to kick stuff like a little monkey. She probably sits the best so far and she is getting good at pulling hair too and she thinks this is quite funny. She is up to about 17.8 lbs now.


Gage with Grandpa Hug


Brody and Grandma Recker


Brea with Grandma Hug

Hanging with mom and dad

Trip to the zoo!

Play time together!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

6 Month check!

The kids will be 6 months tomorrow and I can't believe it. We had their 6 month check up today with the pediatrician. Once again the kids weights are amazing and you would never know they were preemies although their height and head size are a little behind full term babies their age. The Dr says it is normal for them to take a little longer to catch up in those areas.
Gage weighed 20.8 lbs (90th %) and was 25 and 1/2 inches
Brea weighed 17.1 lbs (75th %) and 24 1/2 inches
Brody weighed 16.13 lbs (40th %) and 25 and 1/4 inches
They were all found to be healthy babies although Brea and Brody still spit up quite a bit and are taking medication for reflux. Brea is getting quite scared of people. She puckered up her lip and then just starting crying at the Dr. today and has been doing this at various people lately. She also cried the hardest and longest with her shots at the Dr. So I guess she fits the stereotype of being more sensitive than the boys.
They all have been quite active lately. They play in the jumparoo and the exersaucers alot and love sitting outside on nice days and going for stroller rides. They are doing pretty good with starting to sit up a few minutes on their own although Brody hasn't quite got the hang of it because he wants to move around instead. Also Brody still doesn't really find as much interest in his toys or in the exersaucers or jumparoos like the other two and constantly wants held. We keep hoping everyday he will wake up and have outgrown the fussiness and constant need for attention but we haven't made it to that day yet.
Brea and Brody are rolling over from stomach to back all the time and Gage tries but hasn't quite made it over yet. The Dr. said he is not real concerned with that since he is pushing himself up and getting about to his side. We aren't sure if it's his size or his laid back personality that is the reason for him taking so long to do it but either way we're sure he will eventually.
Well I better get to bed not sure what the rest of tonight will bring after their shots today.

4th of July weekend

We traveled to Edgerton for the 4th of July. The kids did really good on the drive both friday morning and on the way back to Columbus Sunday night. They really enjoyed all of the extra people and attention.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

X-mas in July!

We had to get a picture in the outfits Grandma Hug bought for x-mas while they still fit. We assumed the kids would only be in 9 month clothing around x-mas time but as you can see they have not wasted anytime putting on weight since their preemie days so we were a little off on our judgement.