Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to take a minute and thank Jeff for being such a great daddy. He has been really wonderful and helpful in handling everything since the babies have arrived and this new adventure we are going through. I couldn't ask for a better husband, father and partner. I am glad the kids gave him the greatest father's day present they could give yesterday when they all took a nap yesterday morning at the same time for an hour and 45 minutes so we could get some sleep too.

New Adventures!

The kids have been doing lots of new things recently. Brea rolled over last week for the first time so now we are just waiting for Gage's first roll over (it's ok buddy no pressure). They are so cute in the mornings when we go to get them out of their cribs and they just look at us and start smiling and babbling. The other day during nap time Brody was wide awake when I went in to get Brea and he was just staring at the Froggie on his bumper pad and smiling. It was too cute. Last week we spent a lot of time going for stroller rides and sitting outside on the deck under the awning they love it outside and sit in their vibrating chairs and swings.
We had a busy weekend. Sat. we traveled back to Putnam for cousin Dillon's 2nd b-day. They did good on the ride there (even slept through a speeding ticket...of course we wouldn't have minded if they woke up and starting crying for that). They did pretty good at the party although it really tired them out being somewhere new and out in the warm weather. We drove back that night and after about a half hour of crying they fell asleep and we managed to get them into their cribs without any of them waking up...wahoo!
Yesterday was the first day we got them in their baby pool and they did really good. They didn't make too much out of it but just seemed to be pretty relaxed and it definitely made them tired. I think we need to do that more often! We had to put the gate around it so Kinsey wouldn't try to hop in too. We got her pool out for her also so she could swim. We have some pics posted below to show their new adventures and I'm sure we will be posting many more as the summer goes.

Swimming time!


Sunblock on and ready to go!

Playing with all the fun toys on the exersaucer!

Gage showing his laid back ways!


Ready to swim for first time!

All dressed up and ready to go to cousin Dillon's party!

She really likes to sit in the chair and pose!


Fun times in the exersaucer!

Lounging on the deck!

Excited to swim, can't sit still!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 months!

The kids are now 5 months old and growing, growing, growing! Their weights at 5 months are :
Gage: 19.1, Brea 16.2 and Brody 15.7. They are really smiling, laughing and sleeping good at night, however all really are demanding of attention during the day now which is making it more difficult on mom. Brody still wants to be held pretty much all the time, we are hoping something will hold his interest soon..ha ha.
It's been a busy couple of weeks. Jeff and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary June 4th with nothing else than BW's take out and of course holding the kids while we ate. We had our first over night stay out of town without the kiddos last Fri. for a wedding. We would like to thank Grandpa and Grandma Hug for watching them. It sounds like they had all kinds of fun, hanging out on the deck, going for walks and being spoiled. I must admit, Jeff and I were not sure what to do eating dinner with both hands and not holding a baby all night. We won't get too use to it although we do have another wedding this sat. and Grandma and Grandpa Hug will be watching them again. Last sunday Grandma and Grandpa Recker came down to visit and we all went to the zoo. The kids did really well, they just liked being out in the fresh air and the stroller. We then went back and grilled out and Grandpa and Grandma R even stayed into the evening to help feed the kids before bed. We appreciated having the extra hands to help. Thanks to both sets of Grandparents!
Well I better get to bed! I posted some recent pics to show how we are spending some of our days!

Three musketeers!

Brody is not sure he wants to be a part of this group shot or maybe Brea isn't sure she wants both brothers in the pic!

Fun time!

Brody playing in the jumperoo!

Brea likes to play dress up and model!

Gage having fun in the Exersaucer!