Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

8 months

This has been a busy start to fall. The kids are really starting to be more active and aware of everything now. We started giving them meats along with their fruits and veggies. They do ok but Brody really doesn't seem to like the meat baby food as well as the others yet.
They love to sit and play now and always seem to want the same toy which I'm sure will not change anytime soon.
Last weekend we took the kids to their first buckeye football party over at Aunt Marsha and Uncle Greg's. They did really good, of course we were only there pre-game since their bedtime was before kickoff but it was nice getting them out for awhile. Then Sunday we had pictures taken outside our house by someone I use to work with who does photography. She did a really great job. The kids didn't nap that great that day so it was challenging to get them all in good moods for it. Here are some updates on what they've been doing recently.
Brea loves sitting and playing but gets mad if someone has a toy she wants. She also likes to hit her brothers on the head when they are on their bellies and get too close to her. She thinks this is really funny. She likes to scoot on her bottom to get closer to the dog and also and loves to laugh when daddy chants her name. We weighed her last week and she weighed 18.8 lbs so she officially went from the biggest at birth to the smallest now.
Brody has been on his hands and knees rocking but has just found this week he can get where he wants by army crawling and rolling everywhere. He also found that he wants to get the dog and did get a handful of fur the other day...poor Kinsey! Needless to say he has some bumps and bruises from some run ins with his toys from all of his movement. He also started saying mama this week. Well more like "mamamamama" as he says it non stop and of course has no idea what it means but one thing at at a time right? He weighs 18.13 lbs.
Gage loves to laugh especially if you get his neck or belly and has the cutest laugh. He also is very loud when he wants to be and still loves his baths. He has also been up on his hands and knees and just today looks like he may be starting to figure out to move his arms but isn't quite there yet with crawling. He use to really fight his sleep but seems to be doing a little better with that as well. He now weighs 22.2 lbs.

The stroller situation

Well we have had quite the time trying to find a stroller that will work for us as the kids get bigger. We were fortunate to borrow the first car seats and triple decker stroller for the kids and we loved it. Thanks again Chris and Tasha! Once the kids outgrew those infant car seats we weren't sure what to do for a stroller. We tried a few different ones and found that they were harder to push, heavier and take up more room in the vehicle. I wanted something that was easy for me to push and load and unload since I will be the one using the triple stroller most of the time. Thank goodness for other triplet moms who showed us a way to convert the triple decker stroller with bike seats and that another triplet mom makes the headrests, seat covers and canopy for it. It seems to work really good and the kids like it. Here are some pics of it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor day weekend

Happy 60th Grandpa Hug!

Tired Gage

Brea and Daddy

Brody playing with the penguin

Ready for some football!




Enjoying the nice weather