Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3.5 Years old and preschoolers!!!!!!!

I have not been good about posting and keeping up the blog within this past year. Age 2-3 has been very busy with loosing pacifiers, going from cribs to toddler to big kid beds and potty training and lots of other fun things in between.
 The kids have their definite own distinctive personalities now. Brea loves:  to play the mommy role with the boys, coloring, riding her bike, Barney, Dora, zebras, books ice cream, the color pink and going shopping with mommy and definitely loves to pick out her own shoes and clothes. Gage has a great memory, he loves: the color green, driving the battery operated mustang and riding his bike, swimming, play doh, books, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pretend play. Brody loves: playing outside, driving the battery operated jeep, riding bikes, pretend play, dinosaurs and especially the book "How does a Dinosaur Clean his Room", Listening to music, Mac & Cheese and the color yellow.
We recently took them to the Dr. for their 3.5 year check up and here are their stats:
Brea: 39 inches and 33.4 lbs
Gage: 38 3/4 inches and 35.6 lbs
Brody: 38 inches    and  31.6 lbs
They started preschool last week and I can hardly believe they are old enough to be going. It has been kind of a rough start because they don't want me to leave them and are use to being with me but I think they are starting to have fun while there. Their 3rd day is tommorrow. Before the second day, Gage did tell me he could not go because he could not walk his leg was broke. So I do have to admit he is creative and I'm sure that will be dangerous in the future :).

Monday, January 10, 2011