Monday, May 24, 2010

Officially Putnam county kids now

We have been staying in our new house now for a little over a week already. The move went pretty smoothly thanks to all the help from family and friends. Needless to say we still have lots of boxes in the basement to still go through and unpack but the necessities are put away for now. The kids have been adjusting well to their new house and of course finding all kinds of things to get into and enjoying having more room to run around. The neighborhood seems very friendly and of course we kind of stick out with the big stroller going down the streets. We are anxiously awaiting our fence to come in so the guys can put it in so I can contain the kids in the yard a little easier during the day when I am home with them. Also Kinsey (our dog) has been staying with my parents since the move since we don't have the fence yet so once it is in we will have the whole family back together. I have posted some pictures below of the kids enjoying the warm weather this weekend. They love their pools and the new water table. Well keeping this short for now as I still have some things to get done before nap time is over :).

New house, neighborhood and backyard fun!