Friday, April 16, 2010

15 months old!

It's been quite a week. Grandpa Hug has been staying with us in Columbus to help since we had the kids 15 month checkup and we also managed to take them to Stride Rite to get them measured for shoes and also went to the zoo.
First off the stats from their 15 month check:
Gage: 25.10 Lbs (65%) and 31 1/2 inches (50%)
Brea: 22.4 lbs (45%) and 30 1/4 inches (45%)
Brody: 23.2 lbs (30%) and 29 3/4 inches (15%)
All healthy!
They are definitely growing and learning so much everyday. Brea really likes to imitate us and she also points to cats and dogs and tries to say both words. She also has picked up saying Gage. I think because we have been saying his name so often since he is getting into everything :). Brody likes to chase us around the house and also loves spinning in circles and falling down. He just laughs. He really likes to push his train outside too. Gage loves the tunnel we recently got out for them to crawl through and loves to play peek a boo. He and Brea also really like getting into cupboards and he is really starting to have a temper when you tell him no (great I know).
They did pretty good at their visit to Stride Rite for shoes except Brody was over it as soon as they all got their shoes on. I told him he is just like his dad and hates shopping! It's a good thing I took them we were having such a hard time finding shoes for them and I now know why. Gage measured a size 5 double wide, Brody size 4.5 double wide and Brea 4.5 xwide. I was trying to shove their little chubby feet in regular width shoes! They recommended some nice walking sandals for them and let me tell you they really make a difference. They walk so good in those, in fact I think too good as they started running away from us outside. Yikes! Good thing once we get moved to the new house we are putting up a fence.
Well I hear a little monkey awake so I better go. Will try and update some more pictures soon!

Nice day to enjoy the merry go round at the zoo!