Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Outdoor fun!

Time for some walks again!

Spring is almost here!

I keep meaning to update the blog but keep getting side tracked. We have been pretty busy around here (more than usual). Jeff accepted a job at St. Rita's in Lima and starts next week so we have been busy trying to figure out what we are going to do about moving back to Northwest ohio. We are still in the process of figuring it all out so I know the next few months are going to get even crazier for us.
Anyway, we have had a few nice days so far and took advantage by getting the stroller back out and going on some walks. I am looking forward to the days where we don't have to put so many layers on the kids as they still don't really have the patience to wait while I get all of them ready.
On the days it's still not nice enough to get outside we still rely on the baby einstein dvds when they get tired of playing with their toys. Not sure why but this is the only thing that seems to calm them down when they get extremely fussy. Brea and Brody really love their ponies now and Brea can get on and off by herself now. Gage loves to roll and spin balls and to play with trucks. He is always busy playing. Brody likes to throw his toys and of course he wants to do it on the hard floor not on the playmats and spends a lot of time on his pony just rocking. Brea still pays the most attention to mom and dad but also has fun playing too and when Brody is on his pony she likes to get on hers right by him and rock. She recently learned that it is halarious to feed the dog when she decides she is done eating her food (of course Kinsey really loves this)!
I'm posting a few pictures we have taken recently and I'll try to keep updating!