Monday, August 17, 2009

random pics

Kung Fu Panda jammies

Happy Brea

Brea helping Gage sit

Play time

Look at our new big towels!

Showing off their modeling skills

pics from our trips to Edgerton and Putnam

Cousin Aubrey with Brea

Grandma Recker with Brea

Family Pic from were tired

Grandma Hug with Brody

7th month full of trips and teething!

Summer is almot over and we have been very busy in the last couple weeks. Last week we spent time in Edgerton and stayed for 5 nights so Jeff could put in some extra time at work and do some projects at home. Grandma and Grandpa Hug were nice enough to put up with all of us for that time and we enjoyed ourselves. Cousin Aubrey even came over to play and help take care of the kids 2 of the days and she was a great helper. Gage really took a liking to Aubrey and laughed and smiled at her alot. Brody was very happy there was a jumperoo like his one at home and he showed Grandma and Grandpa how is such a happy boy now. Brea was the comic relief and is becoming quite the giggle butt. She still snorts and wrinkles up her nose and it's the funniest thing.
This past sat. we went back to Glandorf for the Recker reunion and the kids did really good on the day trip. We went to Grandpa and Grandma Recker's before and after the reunion and it was nice to get cooled off it was such a hot day. They enjoyed all the extra attention and everyone got to see what big kids they have become.
The kids are now 7 months and Gage now weighs: 22.1lbs, Brea and Brody: 18.2 lbs. They are all starting to scoot backwards on their bellies on the floor and Gage really is on his hands and knees rocking all the time. They sit pretty good but Brea usually does for the longest and still we have pillows behind them. Brody has 2 teeth, Brea just got her first one last friday and we think Gage is working on his first one.
Well time to post some pics now. Will update more later!