Friday, January 30, 2009

Kinsey is a good babysitter!

Daddy with Brea and Kinsey
Kinsey with Gage

Kinsey, Brea and Brody

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They love their boppy pillows

12 days old already!

Today was the day Brea, Gage and Brody were scheduled to come into this world but they decided to make an earlier apperance. We were originally scheduled for a c-section today at 2:00 and instead we had their 12 day check up with the pediatrician this morning.
All of them had gained weight and the Dr. said at 2 weeks after their birth he likes to see them back up to their birth weight.
Brea was at her birth weight exactly weighing in at 4 lbs 12 oz which is 4 oz more than last week's appt.
Gage was at his birth weight too weighing 4lbs 7 oz and 5 oz more from last week.
Brody (the big eater of the bunch and the smallest at birth) has now caught Gage and weighs 4 lbs 7 oz which is 4 oz more than at birth and 4 oz more than last week.
The Dr. said they don't need to come back now until their 6 weeks old for their shots and a check up so hopefully everyone can stay healthy and gaining weight until then.

Brea bright eyed!

Gage checking things out!

Grandma Recker and Brody

Nap time!

Big sister Kinsey is exhausted!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

1st trip to Dr.

Gage in the car seat getting ready to go to first Dr. appt.

Grandma Hug holding Brea getting her ready to go to Dr.

Brody napping in the boppy after big day at Dr.

Over a week old already!

The babies are over a week old already and doing great. They are adjusting to their new home, big sister Kinsey and life outside the belly. They went for a check up this week and Dr. said they are all healthy babies and they just want to keep monitoring their weights to make sure they are gaining since they are preemies so we go back again wed for another weight check.
They are all beginning to eat really well and even starting to show their different personalities. Brea loves to be held, Gage is the squirmer and loves to get his hands up by his face and Brody (the smallest guy) has been the most alert and best eater so far.
Grandma and Grandpa Hug stayed all week long the first week and were a huge help taking care of the babies and helping us with everything around the house. Thanks to them we were able to get a little sleep too! Grandma Recker came today and is staying the week to continue to help us so we are thankful for that too since dad has to work and won't be able to help on the night shift. Also Aunt Marsha is nice enough to offer to come help out this week too! We are so thankful for such wonderful family to help us out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First day at home tues. Jan 13th.

Brody after his bath, getting ready for his first night at home.

Gage wide awake and checking out his new home.

Brea getting her jammies on and ready for bed.

Proud Parents!

Proud parents with all of the kiddos. Dad holding Brody and mom holding Brea and Gage.

Proud Grandparents!

Grandma Hug holding Brody and Gage and Grandpa Hug with Brea.

Grandpa Recker holding Brea and Grandma Recker Holding Brody and Gage.

Hospital pics

Gage, Brea and Brody all together and cozy!

Brea Kathryn Recker (formally known as baby A), 1st born at 2:58 pm. She was the biggest at 4 lbs 12 oz and has dark hair.

Gage Jeffrey Recker (formally baby B) born at 3:00 pm. He weighed in at 4 lbs 7 oz and has quite a bit of dark hair also.

Brody David Recker (formally baby C) born at 3:02 pm. He weighed 4 lbs 3 oz and has lighter hair.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The babies have arrived!!!

We are happy to announce the babies have arrived! They were born Friday, January 9th. Both mom and babies are doing really well and expected to get out of the hopital on Tuesday. Brea Kathryn arrived at 2:58 pm weighing 4 lbs 12 oz. Gage Jeffrey arrived at 3:00 pm weighing 4 lbs 7 oz. Brody David arrived at 3:02 pm weighing 4 lbs 3 oz.

Tricia did an absolutely awesome job carrying these kids. We were told many times by the doctors how amazing it was to carry triplets for 34 weeks and 6 days. We were also told that it is rare for triplets to be healthy and developed enough to go home when their mom leaves the hospital.
We are so proud to have these wonder babies with us.
I am attached a few pictures. The qualities is not the greatest since they were taken with a cell phone. (The camera is still at the hospital in Tricia's room)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still pregnant

Well 2 days away from 35 weeks and I am still pregnant. The non-stress tests went well this week and babies are still all moving around somehow in here even though I'm not sure how they have much room. The Dr. did measurements on monday and he estimated their sizes:
Baby A: 4lbs 8 oz
Baby B: 4 lbs 12 oz
Baby C: 4 lbs 8 oz
We have 2 more appts scheduled next week and one on Monday Jan 19th and then the C-section scheduled for Jan 21. unless they decide to arrive earlier but either way we are under 2 weeks away from meeting the little ones.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New year to everyone. It looks like we are having 2009 babies. We had non-stress tests again monday and today and everything still looks good with the babies. I, on the other hand, am starting to get pretty miserable. Besides the usual lack of sleep and ginormous belly, I have developed a rash which started on the stomach and now has moved to my arms, legs, hands and feet. It feels like I got into poison ivy but I guess it happens time to time in pregnancies. The nurses told me to take Benadryl and use anti itch lotion and if that doesn't work when I see the Dr. monday they may have to give me some prescription ointment and if nothing helps sometimes they do go ahead and induce.
We are looking forward to monday's appt so hopefully we can get an update on the all of the babies and especially their sizes and see if there is any new plan or if the Dr. decides to move the delivery date up at all since we will be over 34 weeks then.